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Inverter - IPS-48-2000


The “IPS” series features high-tech products which can meet the most diversified application requirements for safe power supply of office-appliances, telephone systems and industrial equipment.
The heart of the inverter consists of a static DC/AC converter designed for uninterrupted use at high efficiency.
Its rack-housing can be easily fit into a standard 19” rack.
These products are also available as on “open–frame“ solution, which allows to adapt them to custom-specific applications.
General descriptions:
The products convert DC voltage, drawn from the battery or from a separate power line, into AC voltage.
The static-type operating mode allows this product to be small in size, vibration-free and almost maintenance-free.
Electric connections are established by means of extractable polarized connectors allowing the user to connect and disconnect the equipment rapidly and safely.
The inverter provides SINE-WAVE output voltage.
An output transformer provides for GALVANIC ISOLATION between the input and the output


Power Control Systems Italy
Manufactured by: Power Control Systems srl Italy
Model: IPS-48-2000
Product ID: IPS-48-2000

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