Guarantee clauses for Power Control Systems’ products

1 -  The Power Control Systems products are guaranteed to be free of material and production defects for a period of 24 months.

2 - After the repair, a guarantee period of 6 months starts from the return date of the repaired product; this guarantee is valid only for the repair that concerned the failure.

3 -  The guarantee starts from the date the product has been delivered either to the customer or to the carrier and comprises all assembly parts of the products except the fuses. The guarantee expires in the following cases:
- if the working conditions prescribed in the catalogues or the technical data sheets, in particular as far as the applicable tension and the temperature are concerned, have not been observed.
- if the product results to have been tampered with.

4 -  The guarantee remains valid even if the product is incorporated in the appliances of the customer and/or resold to third parties.

5 -  If the product does not correspond to the specified performances during the guarantee period, it will be either repaired or replaced free of charge.

6 - A repair invoice will be issued, also without the customer’s previous permission, in the following cases:
- if the product works regularly.
- If the product is no longer under guarantee due to the expiration of the terms indicated under point 1. or for the decay of the conditions (as under point 3) and if the repair sum does not exceed 30% of the replacement expenses.

7 - The guarantee is granted free of works PCS; for this reason the forwarding and the return shipment expenses are chargeable to the customer. In case the shipment is expensive or if the customer prefers to repair the faulty object by himself, it is possible to agree on a delivery of the spare parts.

8 - In any case, Power Control Systems’ liability for any kind of failure is limited to the repair or the replacement of the faulty part.

9 - The material which requires repair should be forwarded to:

Customers’ ServiCE
Via Dell’Industria, 2
31020 Zoppè di S. Vendemiano (TV) Italy


Transport document for repair / working
Written note with the reason for the return, indications regarding the use and the symptoms of the failure.
N.B.: Power Control Systems, according to their own judgement, reserves the right:
- to refuse material sent in for repair that has not been sent carriage free - not to start with the repair in absence of a written note explaining the failure.




AC - AC input for DC-DC converters
AL - Alarm relay contact (O.V.P.)
B - U.P.S. battery compatible input
BAL - Load balance adjustment for parallel connection
BL - Battery-low signal
C - Closed box
CC -Short circuit protection
D - DIN 41612 connector
DC - DC input for AC-DC units
DD - Output decoupling diode for redundant-parallel connection
F - Forced ventilation
FF - Natural ventilation
G - Protection grid for "open frame" units
H - Bracket for DIN-RAIL mounting
I - Inhibit input; inhibits all outputs when connected to OV
K - Screw terminal
L - Indication led
PF - Power fail/reset signals
PFR - Power fail relay contact
PFC - Power factor correction circuit
REG - Vout adjustable through external trimmer
PRG - Vout programming input
S - Sensing input for load connection compensation
SF - Fixing bracket
T - Over temperature protection with thermostat
TRP - Tropicalized pcb
V - Overvoltage protection (only +5V for multiple output units)
VOK - Output voltage monitoring with automatic shut-down in case of failure of any output
WTR - Wide temperature range
VBR - Antivibration treatment



1 - Fixed screw-terminal
2 - Plug-in screw terminal
3 - PCB mounting plug
4 - Socket connector
5 - Din 41612 90° plug (C-D-E-F-H11-H15-M)
6 - DIN 41617 90° 31-pin connector
7 - PCB mounting spade plug
8 - Soldering terminals
9 - Mains plug/socket

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